Thursday, August 6, 2009


A legend about "Atlantis", was first found in ancient Greek philosophy essay:
Two notes dialog Plato (427-347 BC) ie: book Timaeus and Critias.

In the book Timaeus, Plato berkisah: In front of "The Mainstay Haigelisi, there is a very large island, from there you can go to other islands, on the island is entirely surrounded by land that the sea ocean, is the kingdom of Atlantis. When the new Atlantis akan wage war with the great Athena, but beyond a doubt Atlantis suddenly experienced an earthquake and flood, not a day to night, completely submerged in the sea floor. large countries that have high itupun civilization vanished in the night. "

One section in the book Critias dialogue, recorded the story of Atlantis by dikisahkan brother cousin Critias.
Critias is a disciple of philosopher Socrates, three times he emphasizes the existence of Atlantis in dialog.Kisahnya derived from the oral stories that fathers Joepe man Critias, while Joepe also heard from a Greek poet named Solon (639-559 BC). Solon is the most prudent among 7 mahabijak ancient Greece, a time when Solon around Egypt, the cult of ancestor graves knowing Atlantis legend. Notes in the dialogue, in outline like the following:

"There is a land of giants in the Atlantic Ocean on the west to the Mediterranean Sea is very remote, with a proud peradabannya stunning. He produced gold and silver are the many untold: the palace is surrounded by walls of gold and silver be enclosed by walls. Stone wall in the palace bertakhtakan gold, brilliant and magnificent. There, the level of spectacular peradabannya people. Have the equipment and ships with a perfect, there are also things that can bring people to fly. His power not only limited in Europe, even to remote mainland Africa. After the earthquake was terrible, tenggelamlah it to the seabed and its peradabannya, also lost in people's memory. "

Atlantis is described as the level of progress with the technology that tinggi.Konon, Flying Planes, air conditioner, a stone battery, etc. has been there at that time
Archaeologists investigation
According to the calculation of the version of Plato, the sinking kingdom of Atlantis, around 11,150 years ago. Plato had said several times, the kingdom of Atlantis told hereditary. Rekaannya is not alone. Plato went to Egypt and even ask directions biksu monks and famous local time. Teachers Plato when Socrates is talking about the kingdom of Atlantis also emphasized, as it is evident, the value is far more powerful than the story that direkayasa.

If all that Plato expressed the correct-benarnyata, since then 12,000 years ago, human civilization has created. But where is the kingdom of Atlantis? Since thousands of years ago people put a very big interest of this case. Until the 20th century since 1960, Bermuda sea level, located in the western Atlantic Ocean, in the Bahamas archipelago, and the sea around the islands of Florida have respectively found the wonders of the world appalling.

* One day in 1968, Bimini Islands in the Atlantic Ocean around the Bahamas group of islands, the sea calm and clear like a glass of light, see-through to the sea floor. Some of the divers in the return trip to the islands of Bimini, suddenly there is a surprised scream. On the seabed there is a great way! Some of the divers at the same time to dive down, there was a street away from the rock in which the giant. That is a road that was built using stone rectangle and polygon, and the size of the stone is not the same thickness, but it is very neat, bright konturnya. Whether this is the way posnya kingdom of Atlantis?

* First year'70-an, a group of researchers has come Yasuel around the island, Atlantic Ocean. They have taken the core drill on the reef with a depth of 800 meters on the sea bottom, top scientific expression, that place is truly a land of 12,000 years ago. The conclusion drawn on the basis of technological knowledge, so similar to be depicted as Plato! However, whether here in the kingdom of Atlantis sinking?

* Year 1974, a ship inspector sea has made the Soviet Union 8 sheets of photo disarikan establish if a building Mahakarya old man! What was built by the Atlantis?

* In 1979, scientists with the United States and France peranti very sophisticated instruments to find the pyramid in the bottom of the sea "triangle of death" Bermuda sea. Pyramid length of approximately 300 meters, more or less high 200 meters, with the peak of the pyramid surface ocean is only 100 meters, greater than the pyramid of Egypt. The bottom of the pyramid there are two giant holes, sea water with incredible speed of flow in the bottom of hole.

Of this pyramid, is built by the Atlantis? Atlan troops had conquered the kingdom of Egypt, Atlantis is to bring people to the pyramid of Egypt? Continental United States, there are pyramid, whether derived from Egypt or came from the kingdom of Atlantis?

* 1985, two Norwegian sailor found in an ancient city beneath the sea area "triangle of death". In the images created by both of them, there are plains, roads and large vertical and horizontal lane, house roofed dome, stadium complaints (of animals), temples, flood plains etc.. They both said: "absolute trust, we found that Continental is the Atlantic! Exactly be depicted as Plato! "Is it?

That be pitied, pyramid seabed Bermuda Triangle, on the successful investigation of the sea surface by using sophisticated instruments, up to now there is no one scientist can determine whether a building is actually constructed by human labor, because it may be a mountain peak under water pyramid-shaped.

Photo heritage buildings in the ancient sea floor that Russian troops captured the team, also can not prove there is a spot where the kingdom of Atlantis. After that there is a team diving expedition to the ocean the way a stone base in the bottom of the oceans Atlantic island of Bimini, take a sample "road stone" and conducted laboratory research and analysis.
The result shows that the way this stone has not reached age 10,000 years. If the road is made by the kingdom of Atlantis, at least not less than 10,000 years. The image shown on both the Norwegian sailor, until now also can not prove anything.

The only conclusion that can be exactly correct there is a land of wreck in the Atlantic seabed. If this is the right on the Atlantic ocean have been the kingdom of Atlantis, and the kingdom of Atlantis is submerged in the true Atlantic seabed, the seabed in the Atlantic can certainly ex-bekasnya found. Until now, the kingdom of Atlantis is still a mystery throughout the period.
Been around 2003 yr ago, watching events in the Metro TV Headlines Ultimate 10, at the time the 10 Most mysterious Places in the World, and Atlantis was sitting on the first mystery over Bermuda and Segitiga Lake Loch (see previous artikelku). From there I new year, what Atlantis really mysterious number one place that makes people in the world's half-time delivery mati.Pada Atlantis, played a documentary film about the lost continent tracking by the team arkeolog.Dan correct, from what I saw didasar shallow marine waters of the Caribbean, found such paths with a very long structure that is very modern.Selain, diperairan page also found the former-former such buildings have been destroyed! ya envelope, is the continent Atlantis ever existed?