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Bermuda Triangle

For you who like a mystery story, surely recognize Segitiga Bermuda. Sea area in the southern United States with a point angle Miami (in Florida), Puerto Rico (Jamaica), Bermuda, and this has been for centuries store the story of irresolvable. The mystery for the mystery has been noted even by ocean rover kind of Christopher Columbus.

More than that, not far from the ship, on a night suddenly awaknya dikejutkan with the emergence of soccer-ball of fire that casually into the sea. They also see the light flash from the horizon, which then simply disappear.

That Segitiga Bermuda. In this region, such as the sixth sense be 'atmosphere' that is not normal. However entourage Columbus is relatively lucky, because only disuguhi 'showtimes'. Another passer-passer with the other.

In the story, Bermuda Segitiga also has dozens of silent aircraft melintasinya. The biggest events around 1990 and then terkuak ago is raibnya convoy of five AL Grumman TBF Avenger U.S. patrol through the middle of this sea area in the afternoon 5 December 1945. After about two hours flight flight commander reported that the child himself and the fruit such as disorientation. Some five minutes later TBF Avenger raib this without any opportunity to give the signal SOS.

Loss of C-119

Other is the miraculous story of the loss of transport aircraft C-119 Flying Boxcar on 7 June 1965. Aircraft engine chubby AU ganda owned U.S. cargo had this, that day at 7:47 substratum separated from Lanud Homestead. Plane with 10 crew is flying to the Flying Field Grand Turk, Bahamas, and is expected to land at 11:23.

This is actually almost the journey. This is known from the radio contacts are still there until 11 o'clock. Indeed, indeed nothing suspicious. Technical damage also never been reported. Boxcar but never to the goal.

"In the last radio contact there is no indication whatsoever that the plane experienced a problem. But after that we lost jejaknya, "the spokesperson said the Miami Beach Savior. "Large aircraft have a problem likely control the direction (steering trouble) to stray to other directions," he added.

"It's really strange. An aircraft to the southern Bahamas, and so are lost without trace, "the comment of a veteran pilot of the Second World War.

Many theoretical and dihubung-connect with all the events there. There are mentions of the theory of time hogging, inverted gravity field, atmosphere abrasion, and there is also the theory of magnetic-gravity anomaly. In addition there is also a phenomenon gampa to the sea, tidal wave of attacks, to a black hole (black-hole), which only occur in outer space there. Exotic analisanya indeed, but just no one who can be them.

Until now, many have tenggapan-responses or theories about the events-peristiwan strange and supernatural going on in the page, including:

A. An argument from a ship Sea Insurance Company
Marine insurance company Lloyd's of London says that the bermuda triangle is not the dangerous seas and oceans, as usual in the world, provided that no provision of the transportation beyond the region. Coast guard confirmed the decision. Explanations are deemed reasonable, plus the number of observation and investigation cases.

B. Theory alley Time
According to some researchers, may dikawasan this atmosphere, there is a disruption in the form of air holes in the hole that is the langit.Ke aircraft able to go without out. The mystery of "Hole in the sky" was formed a theory about the existence of such a relationship between the world with another dimension. hole in the sky was considered a kind of means of transportation such as appear in the film Star Trek. Or the form of a hole in the sky UFO? People often connect us with the loss of aircraft UFO appearance.

C. Blue Hole
Perhaps in the bottom of the sea bermuda triangle there is a kind of hole / cave sea floor, first I have this really seriously, but setelahjaman ice pass, tertutup.Arus inside this cave is very strong and often create a vortex wall hisap. many small boats or people who terhisap to the blue hole is without power, and the strange ships of small terhisap will appear to return to the sea surface every few old.
But that raises the question is: Can the Blue Hole is able to swallow
the giant ship to sea base?

D. Gas Metana
Another explanation of some events lenyapnya aircraft and ships, the sea is the mysterious gas methana in the region's waters. Theory is published for the first time in 1981 by the United States Geology Investigations. This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and try to satisfy some of the results of a reasonable explanation about the mystery lenyapnya airplanes and ships that pass in the sea area.

Lilah E. Ocean Mysteries
Bermuda Segitiga area often referred to as the Tongue of the Ocean Ocean Lautan.Lidah Lilah or have under the sea cliff (canyon). There are some events on the accident there. Not that many have not known about Segitiga Bermuda, so the mystery of the Bermuda Segitiga this mystery with the other. For example, the mystery of the Sea Dragon has ever appeared in Tanjung Ann, Massachussets U.S., in August 1917.

F. Mysteries Being Sargasso
The mystery that still has not been revealed is the mystery of Being Sargasso Sea, which is not simply a delusion. In the Sargasso Ocean, many ships that never come to the objective and buried in the seabed. There terhimpun ships from different times, treasure trove, human corpses and bones. Wide Sargasso Sea mystery to this 3650 km long and 1825 km wide, and flows around the very strong currents, so that the vortex formed a very large rotating slowly clockwise.

G. Wind waterspout
Perhaps in this area often occur sea storms that may form a vortex wind can cause the destruction of an aircraft because terhempaskan.

H. Explanation of Some Other
Segitiga have said that Bermuda is because the place is a group of UFO base mahkluk space / alien who does not want diusik by humans, so that any vehicle passing through the territorial terhisap and will be stolen. There are also saying that it is because by the source magnet in the earth that are embedded under the Segitiga Bermuda, so the metal berton-tonpun to be interested in. And even that is a center Segitiga Bermuda bertemunya flow between the cold water with hot water flow, so that it will result in a large whirlpool / dasyat.

Here is Genesis-bebrapa incident that occurred in the Bermuda Segitiga:

1840: HMS Rosalie
1872: The Mary Celeste, one of the biggest mysteries lenyapnya several ships in the bermuda triangle
1909: The Spray
1917: SS Timandra
1918: USS Cyclops (AC-4) disappeared in the sea berbadai, but before leaving the tower supervisor said that the sea calm, the storm could not occur, is very good for shipping
1926: SS Suduffco lost in bad weather
1938: HMS Anglo Australian disappeared. But the report said the weather was very calm day
1945: Flight 19 disappeared
1952: British York transport plane with 33 passengers disappeared
1962: U.S. Air Force KB-50 tankers a ship, disappeared
1970: French ship goods, Milton Latrides disappeared; sailed from New Orleans to Cape Town.
1972: Ships of Germany, Anita (20,000 tons), disappeared with 32 kru
1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa disappeared in the sea 140 miles west of Bermuda.
1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, disappeared after a loose substratum and lost radio contact
1980: SS Poet; sailed towards Egypt, disappeared in the storm
1995: Ship Jamanic K (year made 1943) reported disappeared after going through Cap Haitien
1997: The mariner disappear from German yacht
1999: Freighter Genesis Lost after sailing from Port of Spain to St Vincent.

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